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With Tame Test Anxiety: Confidence Training for Tests audio files, you'll use visualization and proven relaxation techniques to score your highest on any academic test. These skills apply whether you are taking the ACT, the PSAT, the SAT, or any other standardized test. They'll even work in regular classes, as they help you conquer the anxiety that may be holding you back from doing your best.

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The audio files include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Into the Zone
  • Brief Review
  • Pleasant Activity
  • Preparation
  • In a Class
  • Interested
  • Studying
  • To the Test
  • Easy Questions
  • Harder Items
  • It Is Over
  • Finish

Use the files in sequence to build your confidence and allow your skills to shine.

A Full Year of Access

Tame Test Anxiety will be available for one full year from the date of your purchase.

About the Author

Richard Driscoll, Ph.D., has worked with anxiety reduction over several decades, beginning with his graduate research which suggested that vigorous physical activity and a sense of challenge can strengthen an anxiety reduction protocol.  He combined these features into an "anxiety reduction and confidence training" procedure, which ongoing research has found to be particularly powerful in lowering anxiety and improving test scores.     

Research Behind the Program

In four separate studies with 50+ highly anxious college students, the Tame Test Anxiety training produced an average 12 percentile or half a letter grade benefit.  

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